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Technical Support

Demopartner Trading Platform is a standard web application that does not require any downloads or special configuration on the client’s side. However, in some cases where the client is using special settings, or is missing basic components, some modifications are required in order to use certain features, or to enrich the common user’s experience.

Please browse through the Q & A below to trace your query,
or post it to us at: Support@denopartner.com


Basic Terms

Operating system: The fundamental software that runs your computer – MS Windows, Linux, Unix etc.

Web browser: The software used to display web pages and to surf the web. The most popular browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Firewall: Hardware or software used to filter traffic between a computer (or between a network of computers) and the Web.

Antivirus: Software used to protect a computer from viruses.

Antispyware: Software used to protect a computer from spyware and adware.

Java technology: A technology developed by Sun Microsystems for certain web applications. In order to use Java, clients must have a “Java virtual machine” installed on their computers.

Temporary Internet files: Files stored on the client’s computer to help improve Internet surfing performance.
Recommended Requirements for better browsing
Computer: Intel Pentium IV 3.0GHz, 512 MB RAM, or higher
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X and up
Mac users: The site is not currently compatible for Safari, we recommend Firefox
Internet connection: Broadband 1.5 MB download speed, 256 KB upload speed

Minimal Requirements

Computer: Intel Pentium II (AMD/ Celeron equivalent) 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM)
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
Internet connection: ISDN 128 KB download/upload